“There is a red and angry world. Red things happen there. The world eats your wife. Eats your friends. Eats all of the things that make you human. And you become a monster” -Alan Moore’s Saga Of The Swamp Thing

The Year is 1970. Len Wein sat on the subway heading to his weekly meeting when he realized he had no stories to pitch. He came up with the idea of “a tale of a scientist murdered by his jealous best friend, then resurrected by the swamp his body was left to rot in so he could seek his revenge.” Little did he know that was the birth of a cult classic. These horrors were to play out in House Of Secrets #92 by DC Comics. In the 1980’s Swamp Thing would see the attention it so desperately needed when a little known British writer named Alan Moore was hired to take over the stories on Saga Of The Swamp Thing. From 1983 to 1987 it become one of the best comics to come out of the decade. Moore’s writing was so deep, layered and involved it revolutionized the way people wrote comics in an act that is still felt today.

Flash forward to now. Scott Snyder has resurrected old Swampy in what I think is one of the best in DC’s New 52. The story follows Swamp Thing and the love of his life Abigail Arcane who just happens to be the niece of his mortal enemy Anton Arcane. It has star crossed lovers, deep plots and plenty of action. In addition Yanick Paquette knocks the art out of the park and really makes the book pop. Alan Moore made Swamp Thing a cult classic. Will Scott Snyder make him a modern day giant? You be the judge. You can check out Swamp Thing Vol 1: Raise Them Bones and Saga Of The Swamp Thing Vol 1 through 6 at all three Big B Locations. Don’t forget if you like Raise Them Bones be sure to pick up Animal Man Vol 1: The Hunt. These two stories go hand in hand and are currently crossing over in the wonderfully terrifying Rot World story arc which is going on right now.