Do you often lay awake at night wondering what would happen if Jeff Lemire wrote an episode of The Twilight Zone?  Well get a good night sleep then head to any of the three Big B locations and pick yourself up a copy of The Underwater Welder from Top Shelf Productions.  The story revolves around Jack Joseph, who is an underwater welder on an oil rig off the coast of Nova Scotia.  Jack is a workaholic and that’s getting between him and his expecting wife Susan.  One day diving on the rig Jack experiences a mysterious supernatural encounter which shakes his life down to the foundation.

This book is very much a story of the human condition and is quite hauntingly beautiful.  Jeff Lemire’s writing is as unique as his art style and really makes you care about these characters.  Do yourself a favour and pick up this soon to be Canadian classic.

You can pick up a copy at any of our Big B locations for only $19.95