Frankenstein_Agent_of_SHADEFirst off I have to say going into this book I really knew nothing about the character.  When Frankenstein and his little army showed up in Animal Man #15 for the Rotworld story arc last week I was intrigued.  I figured the best way to check him out was to pick up Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. Volume 1: War Of The Monsters for just $14.99 at all three Big B Locations.

Frankenstein is an agent of the Super Human Advanced Defense Executive or S.H.A.D.E. for short.  Basically it’s a secret agency that deals with monster threats against the world by sending good monsters to fight them.  Yes it’s as cool as it sounds.  Frankenstein is the main super agent but also has a rag tag bunch of Creature Commandos that includes a werewolf, vampire, mummy, lady sea creature and his wife or ex wife as she refers to it Lady Frankenstein.  The first story arc in this book is great and really sets the tone.  It involves a monster planet coming to earth to take over.  When the Creature Commandos teleport to the planet will they have enough time to destroy it before it makes it here?  Check it out for yourself.

I was a little shocked about how much is loved this book.  It boggles my mind how Jeff Lemire can write a million books a year plus be at every major convention and have it not effect the quality of his writing.  In addition the art by Alberto Ponticelli is great.  It really captures the dark mood a book about monsters should have with out making it too bleak.  I highly recommend picking up this first trade, I’m sure you’ll be as shocked as I was reading it.