Hero_Worship_1Finally a first comic from the writing talents of the biggest super hero screen writer, Zak Penn (Avengers Movie, X-Men 2 and 3) and his friend Scott Murphy of Star Wars the Clone Wars cartoon fame.  This book is none other than Hero Worship from Avatar Press.   It is a tale about Zenith, who is an indestructible super hero and the world that is obsessed with him.  Legions of fans flock to every disaster around hoping to catch a glimpse.  When Adam, a young fanatical fan also manifests super powers what will happen to Zenith?  While training alongside his idol, Adam finds out the inner workings of the Zenith Foundation and let’s just say not everything is how it appears.  Issue #6 just came out which wraps up the first story arc.  The book is very interesting and I’m really looking forward to the second chapter in this story.