Welcome back, true believers! It’s time for the Big B weekend update! But before we dive into this week’s new stuff, drop on by the bargain basement where we’ve added over 3 longboxes worth of comic book magazines. We’ve got Savage Sword of Conan, Eerie, Cracked, Mad, Epic and more, so break out those checklists and come do some bin-diving.

Marvel had a fantastic week with great books coming out the wazoo. We got Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, Incredible Hulk, Dark Reign The List Hulk, Dark Avengers, Invincible Iron Man, Mighty Avengers and Spider-Woman. Matt Fraction’s run on Iron Man continues to be one of the best runs in Iron Man history as Norman Osborn finally catches up to Stark and turns this issue into an armored up brawl. Bendis’ Spider-Woman continues to make waves as one of the first motion comics to launch alongside a print title. Even though the motion comic has finished, Bendis has promised a different twist for the print version and Alex Maleev’s art looks as great as ever. And finally, the Incredible Hulk continues to be pretty darn interesting as Bruce Banner is determined to train his son up for the upcoming War of the Hulks storyline. Great writing by Greg Pak makes us glad for the return of the Incredible Hulk as an alternative to Loeb’s Hulk series.

After the last couple big weeks, it feels like DC took a breather to catch its breath with the release of three noteworthy titles this week, not to say that they aren’t good ones though. Blackest Night Superman, Azrael and Justlice League were DC’s heavy hitters this week. This week’s JLA is the beginning of the run by James Robinson and Mark Bagley. Pretty interesting stuff so far with the connection between Justice League Cry for Justice which Robinson is also writing. Hopefully this title turns around the slump the JLA have been in as of late.

Archie and Veronica continue their marital bliss in Archie #602 which shows the birth of their twins! Of course, next issue is going to be Betty’s turn at married life with Archie. Chew; this year’s surprise hit finishes off its first storyline; Taster’s Choice with a bang as a certain trusted agent decides to spring a surprise on Tony.

Trade fans had a decent week as well. Fans of classic literature and horror can sink their teeth into Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, while Alex Ross fans can check out the hardcover release of Uncle Sam. Jason Aaron’s Scalped sees its fifth trade paperback release as Dash finds himself digging deeper and deeper into a twisted mess of betrayal.

Toys toys toys! This week saw the release of the first wave of Blackest Night action figures. There looks to be about 4 waves with 4 figures in each set. This wave included Black Lantern Earth 2 Superman, Alpha Lantern Bodikka, Saint Walker and Atrocitus. Don’t forget to pick up your World of Warcraft Deluxe Figure Illidan Stormrage in demon form colors!

Well, that’s all the time we have this week. This is the Big B Crew signing off reminding you that: “Why propose with a diamond ring when a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 will do the job just as well?”