Hey, welcome to the very first update on the brand new Big B comics website. Let’s skip all these formalities and jump to what was great and worth your time this week!

From our friends at Marvel came a whackload of books to whet your appetite for superheroes. For your X-needs, X-Men Legacy, Nation X, X-Force featuring the rise of the Dark God Selene and X-Factor featuring the always charming writing of Peter David should do the trick for you. Other must reads from the House of M are the Siege tie-in issues of Thor, Thunderbolts, New Avengers and Secret Warriors which should be on everyone’s reading list! That’s not to mean we’re forgetting the always hilarious Deadpool featuring Spider-Man and Hit Monkey! Nor did we forget about Ed Brubaker’s Marvel Project or Halo Bloodline.

If that’s not enough reading material for you, DC came out swinging with Morrion’s Batman and Robin, John’s conclusion to the Flash Rebirth, Blackest Night, JSA Blackest Night, JSA and Gotham City Sirens.

If you aren’t into either of those, maybe Mark Waid’s incredible story of a superhero gone bad in Irredeemable will do the trick for you. How about the epilogue to the wedding stories in Archie? Let’s top this all off with a 4 issue miniseries called the Crazies tying into the movie. Still not satisfied? how about Image United featuring a fantastic story by Mini Marvels Chris Giarusso in the backpages?

Trade waiters got a pretty full plate as well. We’ve got Spider-Man Anti Venom making a splash in trade form, Top Cow’s Broken Trinity event in trade, a new Ben 10 collection, Vol 12 of New Avengers in hardcover and a nice fancy hardcover release for the Jet Scott comic strip by Jerry Robinson!

Ever wanted a tiny lightsaber to play with at the dinner table? Well dream no more as the lightsaber chopstick two-packs by Kotobukiya are now in stock. Featuring Yoda and Darth Vader or Yoda and Luke Skywalker sets, these will make re-enacting battles at the table slightly less dangerous than with real knives!