We hope you like the look of our new website. We thought we’d freshen things up a bit with the new look. We’ve just switched over and the amount of content is a little less than we’d like but rest assured we’ll be adding tons of new content over the coming couple of weeks. We highly recommend you check in often to see what’s new.

I am posting this just after Team Canada’s squeeker past those pesky Solvaks. Now it’s Miller Time on Sunday as we battle the USA for gold. If you’re a true Canadian you’ll at this moment you’ll reach into your pocket and start rubbing that magic Loonie, yeah, like that.

A great new feature on our new site is the shipping this week tab visible to the right when you are in any of the menu screens. Get a heads up on the coming week’s books with a quick click! We’ve also added a Library Resources menu to help the growing number of educators that have discovered that graphic novels and manga really do belong in the classrooom.

So have yorself a peruse of the site and don’t forget to keep coming back because more content is on the way.