YARR AND AVAST! This be the second Big B weekend update since we’ve launched our new vessel- I mean site! There be plenty of booty for you comic lubbers out there this week!

Let’s take a look at what those lads at Marvel comics have shipped to us this week that’s worth your time! The Ultimate Universe got a double dose of Avengers as Ultimate Comics New Ultimates and Ultimate Avengets both were great reads and any shortcomings on Loeb’s Marvel work was overshadowed by the always amazing art by Frank Cho. Some other good reads were Wolverine Weapon x, Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir. The Deadpool corps is making its way into the Marvel Universe as the first issue of Prelude to Deadpool corps landed as well. Stephen King Fan’s get another book envisioned by the master of horror with Marc Guggeheim and Alex Maleev on art duties for the N series.

DC fans saw the return of the fan favourite Legion as Adventure Comics now jumps over to being a Legion-centric title. JSA All-Stars and the conclusion to Cry for Justice also rounded out read worthy lineup alongside books like Jonah Hex.

Warren Ellis kicks off another eccentric series with Captain Swing, while Buffy continues it’s big Twilight storyarc leading up to the end of the eight season and finally Ennis’ The Boys continues to tear down our conceptions of our squeaky clean superheroes.

Trade readers got a great week as we saw a hardcover release of Marvel’s Strange Tales featuring some great short stories by comicdom’s  best independent scribes. Definitely enjoy Jason’s take on Spider-Man! Buffy fans got the sixth volume of season 8 in trade while Matt Fraction or Iron Man fans can enjoy the hardcover release of Invincible Iron Man which covers the first 19 issues of Fraction’s groundbreaking run.

Well, that’s all the time we have this week, this is the Big B crew signing off reminding you that: “When given a choice between fighting a shark or having a comic book destroyed, always remember to punch the shark in the nose”