Tis a rather wet week for us all. But have no fear, brave the weather and stop on by as this week we’ve got some goodies from our publisher friends to chase away those blues.

From our pals at Marvel, our pick of the week definitely has to be Ed Brubaker’s Criminal which wraps up it’s current storyline “The Sinners”. Criminal can always be counted on to be a fantastic read and Brubaker is the man who can do no wrong when he’s writing any title. Other notable reads this week from Marvel include a Wolverine Mr. X one-shot detailing their past history with each other, Web of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark X-Men, Mystic Hands of Dr.Strange (love the old school black and white stylings!) and Cable which wraps up the time-travelling!

DC had a pretty good week as well, with it’s Justice League Rise and Fall Special spinning out of the events of Cry for Justice. Two great batman reads with Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin and Kevin Smith’s Batman Widening Gyre series fulfilling your thirst for batgoodness. Other dcish titles included:  Action Comics, Dante’s Inferno and Modern Warfare.

Good things come to those who wait. As evidence by this week’s slew of great reading. We got a new printing of Northwest Passage, a softcover release of Avengers/X-Men Utopia, Hellboy The Wild Hunt in trade, The Boys Vol 6 in trade and finally Dark Wolverine Vol 2 hardcover.

Toys toys toys! This week in the world of toys, we’ve got in the latest line of Halo figures by McFarlane. In this line, we’ve got Sgt Forge, Tartarus, Elite Flight, Spartan Soldier Hayabusa, Oni Operations Dare, Spartan Soldier Rogue and Spartan Soldier Security.

And Twilight fans, don’t forget that the release date for the Graphic Novel is March 16th! So show up early to make sure you get yours!

This is the Big B crew signing off reminding you that…I got nothing, just read Ex Machina and we guarantee you will enjoy it!