Greetings and salutations, comic fans. It’s time for another one of those exciting Big B weekend updates where we do our best to razzle and dazzle you with what’s exciting! First up, next weekend is the Wizard World Toronto show! Held at the Direct Energy Centre at the CNE grounds, this show will run from the 26th, 27th and 28th. Tickets are available at Big B, passes are 1 day for $29 or all 3 days for $49. Now onto the comics!

A fairly good smattering of comics from Marvel and DC this week. But Marvel may have come out on top this week with the third issue of the Siege event making it’s way onto the shelves. The second part of Marvel’s other criminally under-promoted event Doomwar featuring almost everyone in the Marvel universe continues to showcase the rivalry between Black Panther and Dr Doom with the event getting its start in the Black Panther series. The X-23 one-shot written by Dark Wolverine scribe Marjorie Liu was another fine read showcasing our favourite engineered spawn of Wolverine bringing back some of the cast of NYX. Even more good reading came in the form of Deadpool, Deadpool Merc with a Mouth, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Avengers, Hercules Fall of an Avenger, Nova and the final issue of Spider-Woman. So yeah a ton for those Marvel fans out there.

And you DC fans out there? what did you get? Well, you got another fantastic issue of Green Lantern Corps where the Blackest Night rages on, Batman where we finally find out who the next Black Mask is, Booster Gold #30 which ends the current arc, American Vampire with a story by Stephen King and finally but certainly not least; Fables!

And for the trades? Well, this week we got a little graphic novel called Twilight. That’s right, the first half of the Twilight book has come out and is ready for consumption for all the Twilight fanboys and fangirls out there.

Well, that’s all the time we have this week boy and girls. This is the Big B crew signing off reminding you that if you’re stuck in an ocean treading water surrounded by sharks, be sure to have a CGC case ready to hit a shark in the nose instead of your fists!