Forget what Roger Ebert says! Kick-Ass is a fairly faithful adaptation of  Mark Millar’s comic extravaganza. So if you liked the movie, stop on by and pick up a copy of the series in hardcover! We’ll have copies coming out of the wazoo!

Gonna have to cut this short again but I can’t but help talking about some gems from this week’s books. For all you fans of Dan DeCarlo and Good Girl art, Dan Decarlo’s Jetta has come out in a beautiful hardcover featuring all of the issues as well as guest pin up art. A perfect gift for those Betty and Veronica fans in your life. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Garth Ennis’ super cheery book about messed up mutant killers roaming the world Crossed sees a softcover release collecting all 9 issues containing the usual craziness we’ve come to expect. While we’re on trades, let us not forget about Gotham City Sirens Vol 1 in HC which features writing by Paul Dini and fantastic art by Guillem March. But for single issues, DC ruled the figurative roost with issue zero of Brightest Day and issue one of Brightest Day Flash hitting the stands. Pick up a copy of Flash and you will get a free Flash ring!

Flash Fact: Free Comic Book Day is coming May 1st, so remember to stop on by for comics, barbeque and a signing by Greg Hyland!