One week and it’s Free Comic Book Day! The Christmas in May for comic book fans. Big B will be throwing a bash with a signing, a bbq and of course, comics! The doors open at 10am so stop on by with the family and enjoy the festivities! Let’s take a look at this week’s comics while we’re waiting for the days to pass.

From Marvel, we got some Ultimate satisfaction with the conclusion of the current Ultimate Avengers story arc by Mark Millar and some hot and heavy action between Johnny Storm and Spider-Woman in Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man. Other Marvel goodies include the  criminally under read Doomwar, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Wolverine and Deadpool Merc With a Mouth.

DC had an even better week with Green Lantern, Justice League bringing up the Brightest Day vanguard, Batman Streets of Gotham and the latest incarnation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

Trade fans can pick up the third volume of Y The Last Man in hardcover while practicing their combat techniques with The Zombie Combat Manual to ensure their survival.

Toywise? Get ready for the latest wave of Blackest Night action figures featuring the likes of Black Lantern Wonder Woman, Kyle Rayner, Black Hand and Black Lantern Firestorm. And we would be remiss in forgetting to mention the Iron Man and War Machine Marvel Select line of figures for the upcoming movie.

Well, that’s the Big B weekend update, this is the Big B crew signing off reminding you to: Look up in the sky! this way you can dodge falling meteors!”