Welcome back to another installment of the Big B update. This week from Marvel we got the conclusion to the Siege event with a number of issues related to it. We’ve got Bendis’ New Avengers Finale which brings a wrap to the current New Avengers Series, Siege Embedded #4, Siege #4 and more. This means next week, we’re kicking off with the relaunch of the Avengers brand with a bunch of new Avengers series like Secret Avengers, Avengers, New Avengers (volume 2) and Avengers Academy.

DC cats got to enjoy the return of Batman with the release of issue #1 of The Return of Bruce Wayne by Grant Morrison. Deathstroke also makes his return with the Villains for Hire One-shot which has Deathstroke once again bringing in his own deadly team of Titans spinning out of the Brightest Day.Tons of new books are spinning out of the Brightest Day which should provide a jumping on point for new readers.

Graphic Novel readers had a great week with reads like Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody, Creepy HC Vol 3, Adventure Comics HC vol 1 (collecting John’s and Manapul’s run together), Stephen King’s The Talisman Vol 1, and more!.

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