Greetings and salutations! After the comic-light week of last week, we’ve gotten a great batch of books to drive away the summer rains!

The guys at Marvel are kicking DC’s butts up and down the street in sheer number of titles this week. Some of the great reads from Marvel include: the hotly anticipated second issue of Millar’s Nemesis series about a supervillain taking down a cop (I would like to see them adopt this for the big screen and try to not water it down like Wanted) Daredevil, HellBound (yay for more Gambit!), Young Allies, Captain America, Avengers Academy, Invincible Iron Man, Shield and Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate Avengers (the awesome Millar one, not the meh Loeb one!).

On the DC side of things, their biggest title was Batman #700! A huge milestone for any comic title. Other upcoming DC milestones include Wonder Woman #700 and Superman #700.

Trade readers had the best week out of anyone as some bookshelf deserving books came out. Kicking it off is the fantastic Blacksad, a noir detective story starring an anthropomorphic cat. This big hardcover collecting the three stories translated from the original French is a must have for any comic fans. The third volume of Gotham City Central also dropped. This is a series that takes place in Gotham City while not focusing completely on Batman. It sounds crazy but the writing by the likes of Rucka and Brubaker carried the series for a long time. Hellboy fans got the 10th volume of our favourite red devil as this volume collects a bunch of short stories including the Crooked Man.

If you’re into heroclix or plain old figurines, stop by to check out the Blackest Night Heroclix starter set which features all of the deputized Lanterns like Luthor, Wonder Woman, Atom, Scarecrow, Flash, Mera and Hal Jordan! They’re going fast! Like Flash fast! It’s a Flash Fact!

This is the Big B crew signing off reminding you to: brush your teeth three times a day, eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away and reading comic books gives you the power to punch through solid steel.