Ok, not literally though. Don’t take your comic books and put them over your head in a thunderstorm, cause that’s just not right. We mean buy some of this week’s comics to keep your mind off the icky weather.

The guys at Marvel had some great books for you to add to your collection. These books were: X-Factor, Wolverine Origins, Ultimate Avengers 2, Thunderbolts, Avengers and the current big Spider-Man event; Grim Hunt which is bringing back the classic Spidey villain; Kraven the Hunter.

On the DC front, there was American Vampire, Zatanna, Legion of Superheroes, Green Lantern Corps, Green Arrow, oh and a little thing called The Return of Bruce Wayne!. So yeah, both of the big companies brought their A-game this week to the racks.

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet continues to be a great read and the only problem is that it doesn’t come out fast enough! Speaking of which, check out the trailer for the Seth Rogen version of the movie which is shaping out to be pretty darn cool even if you don’t see Seth as the guy who can portray the heroic type.  Can’t forget about Angel, Amory Wars, WWE Heroes and Jurassic Park being other fan favourite comics this week either.

Trade fans have got a pretty full plate as the first Halo Graphic Novel finally comes out in softcover, a new Batman hardcover by Sam Kieth called: Arkham Asylum: Madness, Deadpool and Cable Ultimate collection which is a softcover which collects the smaller softcovers of the series and of course, the third volume of the Alan Moore Run on Swamp Thing.

And for the toy fantatic in all of us? Well, Young Marc covered it well through his Matty Collector posts but we also have in some great Sonic the Hedgehog toys for all you youngsters. These don’t come out too often, so pick them up for your loved ones while you can!

Well, that’s all for the weekend update. This is the Big B crew signing off reminding you that “yellow snow has probably been peed in, so don’t use it to make snow cones” and a special bonus one from Jill; “rain is wet”