Greetings and salutations comic fans, now that we’ve started to beat the heat, it’s time for you to pick up all the great comics that came out this week. And we assure you, it was a great batch!

Marvel had a fantastic week with strong books like Amazing Spider-Man which continues the return of Kraven from the dead, The Avengers: Children’s Crusade which is basically the Young Avengers repackaged, Steve Rogers, the first of the original Marvelman reprints (hopefully they will burn through the Angelo stuff and get to the good stuff quick), X-Men #1 (Marvel vampires!), X-Force, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Bendis’s brand new series reuiniting him with Daredevil artist Maleev on Scarlett and of course, the latest big Marvel event; Shadowland which focuses on Daredevil going nutso and building a Japanese castle in the middle of New York City. Oh and we can’t forget X-Women, a one shot featuring some splendid art by Milo Manara.

DC must have seen how big of a lineup Marvel had coming up so they really stepped up their game. We’ve got the awesome Morrison Batman and Robin as well as Neal Adam’s Batman Odessy which is written and drawn by him. Follow that up with a swig of the follow up to Blackest Night; Brightest Day, JSA All-Stars, Red Robin, House of Mystery and Scalped (if you aren’t reading this, stop what you are doing and read it).

And of course if you aren’t a fan of the big two, you can still pick up HellBoy: The Storm which picks up where King of Fear left off.

And the trades, Blackest Night ruled the day. We got in the Blackest Night HC covering the miniseries, the Blackest Night Green Lantern Corps HC and the Blackest Night Green Lantern HC which covers the core issues needed to fully “get” Blackest Night. We also got BPRD 1947 trade and The Stand: Soul Survivors HC.

Toy lovers can check out the new Bioshock 2 toys by NECA.

Well, that’s all the time we’ve got this week. This is the Big B crew signing off reminding you to not go to a concert with Jill, as she may shiv you with a sharpened plastic spoon.