Welcome back to another Big B weekend update my friends, where the fun never stops as we highlight some of the cool stuff that came in on Wednesday.

Marvel, had another stellar week with the conclusion of the Grim Hunt storyline which had a pretty great ending that introduces a new status quo for the Spidey-family as two characters have an identity shift. Other great Marvel reads this week include: Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man, Avengers Academy (this is essentially Avengers The Initiative 2.0), Jason Aaron’s Spider-Man & Wolverine (which is a really cool series but pretty trippy), Daredevil, Thanos Imperative (yay more for Marvel cosmic books), Ultimate Spider-Man, X-Force Sex and Violence (the title says it all, baby!) X-Men, Hellbound and for all you Deadpool lovers out there…X-men Origins Deadpool!.

DC didn’t have as large a week as Marvel, but they did their best to put out some strong reads. Batman this week begins the missing RIP chapter where we find out exactly what happened to Bruce Wayne inbetween RIP and Final Crisis. Booster Gold, Justice League Generation Lost, Titans, Daytripper and Birds of Prey which features the great combination of Gail Simone’s writing and Ed Bene’s busty gal art which is perfect for the Birds.

Well if you don’t care for the Marvel or DC stuff, this week had enough to keep you occupied anyways. Dark Horse began an all new Doctor Solar series as well as brought up another isssue of Predators to tie into the movie. Simpsons and comic book fans should do right by themselves and snatch up Comic Book Guy #1 which features an homage cover to Fantastic Four #1. Saving the best for last, Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The Hunter series, had a sneak preview of the October release of The Outfit with the man of the getaway face covering the first chapter.

Trade fans? you got a boatload of stuff to read as Siege comes in hardcover, Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps vol 1 and 2 (these contains the mini series like the Flash, Wonder Woman, Titans etc), Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash Vol 2 in TPB and Revolver by Matt Kindt.