What a great week for comic fans this week. A great number of must reads, including the conclusion to Scott Pilgrim as well as the latest edition of the Overstreet Price Guide.

From those wacky guys at Marvel our notable reads were: Age of Heroes, Amazing Spider-Man which is kicking off their One Moment in Time story arc which explains why MJ and Peter never got married in the current continuity, Bendis’ Avengers, Deadpool, the conclusion to the latest Wizard of Oz series, New Avengers, New Mutants, X-Factor, and both Ultimate Avengers titles came out by Loeb and Millar. So yeah, plenty of good Marvel books to keep you occupied this week.

DC had a fairly good week as well even if they didn’t have the same kind of big name books as Marvel. Good reads include: Zatanna, Superman Batman, Power Girl, and Brightest Day.

Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet continues to be a great read and with the promise that he has turned in all of his scripts, there’s no real reason for you to not jump onto the Hornet bandwagon with the Seth Rogan movie hitting us next year as well. Oh and we can’t forget True Blood, the comic adaptation of the hit tv series. Look for all the vampires, blood and sex you can handle!

Trade readers can bask in the glow of a great week for them as a huge number of good reads flew onto the shelves. The final volume of Scott Pilgrim belongs on every comic fan’s bookshelf as one of the greatest pieces of Canadian comic literature ever! And right beside that? The 40th edition of the Overstreet Price Guide is gonna show you whether or not you made good choices in your investments. Other great trades include: volume 4 of the Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate JMS Collection, Blackest Night Tales of the Corps HC, Blackest Night Rise of the Black Lanterns HC, and the Fantastic Four 4 Hickman run in softcover.

Well, that’s all the time we have this weekend for the Big B update. This is the Big B crew signing off reminding you that in desperate times of romance, if you’re gonna bust out the L-word, make it lesbians!