In case you need some reminders to drop on by Big B this weekend, here’s some of the cool stuff that came into the store this week. We picked up a massive 200 volume plus collection of previously read manga that is priced and ready to make its way onto your shelves at home. World of Warcraft action series 6 figures Sylvanas Windrunner, Magni Bronzebeard and a Goblin on a rocket sled all of which would look spiffy on any Warcraft fan’s table. Oh yeah and a little thing called Scars of Mirrodin; the latest Magic The Gathering set is now in the store. We’ve got booster packs, fat packs, booster boxes and decks. Hurry on in before we sell out!

For you trade readers, American Vampire Vol 1 HC and  Eerie HC Archives Vol 4 are this week’s picks for must reads.