Ahoy there, welcome to another Big B weekend update with the Big B weekend crew. A whole lot of fantastic graphic novels and toys hit the shelves this week. For the World of Warcraft fans, the second series of premium features horde faction leader Thrall as well as a gnome warlock in tier 6 with a gigantic voidwalker pet. Sticking with the video game theme, the warthog and ghost vehicles from Halo Reach are just waiting for your Noble team to take a seat in them and fly around while you make explosions and gun sound effects with your mouth.

Trade fans? The pentultimate volume of the Starman Omnibus series by James Robinson is some of the best stuff DC has put out in the last decade and this gorgeous hardcover deserves a prime spot on any comic fan’s bookshelf. Speaking of hardcover books that deserve a spot on comic fan’s shelves, Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s series of Parker novels had it’s second book: The Outfit wow all of us at Big B with it’s slick dialogue and iconic Cooke art. We also got in the second edition of the Fables Covers book by James Jean featuring Jean’s entire cover run and is a must have for any Fables fan or a fan of fine art in general. Star Wars fans will also want to pick up Star Wars the Force Unleashed II; an adaptation of the second game in the Force Unleashed series. Finally, let’s cap things off with The Annual Big Book of SpongeBob. Perfect for the adult or child that loves our favourite singing sponge.

Well, that’s it for this weekend, this is the Big B crew signing off reminding you that: “Buy all the cool stuff you want right away otherwise you will regret it when it sells out!”