That’s right dear readers, the Christmas shopping season is on like Donkey Kong. We’ve got the Christmas tunes blaring (Muppets Christmas!) and a boatload of stuff that screams to be put underneath your tree and into your stocking. But before we get into that, let’s see what were the coolest books to hit the shelves this week.

For trade fans, Absolute All-Star Superman by Grant Morrsion is a beautiful book that is simply one of the best Superman stories told in decades. And if you need more Grant Morrison, there’s also volume 2 of Batman and Robin: Batman Vs Robin  The third volume of the Serenity comic series in hardcover which finally gives us the complete origins for Shepherd Book! Kill Shakespeare Vol 1 TP, The Boys Vol 7 & Siege TPB are just some of the other trades that need a read. Oh and don’t forget that we’ve just put out a large number of our hardcovers out at an amazing discount!

And if you still are collecting single issues, some exciting issues include: Invincible (75 issue milestone!), Scarlet, Superboy (new series by Jeff Lemire!), the pentultimate issue of Buffy Season 8, Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man & Irredeemable.

Toys? We got them out the wazoo with plushies of Alice in Wonderland, Cthulhu, DC Superheroes and more! Be sure to also see our brand new used video game section!

Well, that’s all the time we have this week. This is the Big B weekend crew signing off reminding you that the holidays are a coming so start your shopping early!