Well come on by to Big B on Saturday, December 11th between 11am and 4pm for a free appraisal by our comic and toy experts Marc and Walter. It’s a collectibles roadshow as they let you know values on what you’ve been storing for all this time. So clear out those dusty corners for those comic and toy collectibles to bring in!

Moving onto other things, our 1st annual toy drive  is well underway and we’re going to be making a lot of children this year happy! Bring in an unwrapped and unopened toy to donate to the kids and we’ll give you 1 dollar off your purchase for each toy you bring in!

This week we’ve gotten in a bunch of items that will be perfect for the comic lover on your Christmas shopping list. We’ve got in restocks of the extremely popular Superman Earth-One hardcover by JMS, the updated versions of the Marvel and DC Encyclopedias as well as the new Halopedia for the gamer on your list.

And if they need toys? Well, how about the suave Ezio Audiotore from Assassins Creed 2? Or for the Indiana Jones fan, a series of classic action figures to fill the stockings. All of this and more at Big B! Hurry before the holidays clear us out.