The first run of the DC Super-Pets book series are still flying off the shelves at Big B Comics, and now even more are on the shelves and ready for kids to get their hands on!

 Easy to read with large font and difficult words explained for kids to learn, the DC Super-Pets books are great for children learning to read. They are laid out like novels, but filled with art by Tiny Titans artist Art Baltazar. It’s a perfect way to introduce young readers to the world of graphic novels.

 Five new titles for these books are hitting shelves now, and kids can pick from some pretty awesome titles. We have titles like Attack of the Invisible Cats, Backward Bowwow, Battle Bugs of Outer Space, The Hopping Hero, and Salamander Smackdown. Each book features a who’s who of the DC Super-Pets world, and even though they are kids’ books, adults will love the funny stories and cute art focused on the animal pals of their favorite heroes and villains.

 Pick up any of the DC Super-Pets books from Big B Comics for the low price of only $4.99! Keep and eye out for new books which should be arriving any day!