Looking for the perfect series for kids of all ages to read and enjoy over and over again? We at Big B highly recommend the Bone series. Bone is regarded as one of the top ten graphic novel series of all time, and is quite possibly the best graphic novel series written for children. It’s a little like Lord of the Rings, but with large doses of humour and child friendly content.
The series focuses on three cousins, Phoney Bone, who is greedy and self serving, Smiley Bone, who is simple and a bit dumb, and Fone Bone, who is courageous and true. They have been kicked out of Boneville and get separated in a vast desert, where they must overcome many obstacles to reunite. In the Valley they meet an amazing cast of characters, and the dreadful rat creatures that pursue them throughout the series.

The original Bone series is contained in nine volumes, all available for just $10.99 at Big B Comics. From there, series creator Jeff Smith teams up with Tom Sniegoski to bring us Tall Tales, where Smiley Bone regales young Bones with tales of Boneville’s founding. Since then, Tom Sniegoski has started a line of Bone novels called Bone: Quest for the Spark. In these a young hero named Tom must defeat an evil dragon by collecting all the pieces of the Spark. Book two of this new series is new this month and like all our Bone books is $10.99.

This is a great book series for anyone who has a love of reading, and even better for those who need something really great to keep them reading. Big B not only has lots of Bone books, but Bone plushes too! All your favorites are here, Smiley, Phoney, and Fone, in super soft plush form for only $16.99 each!