When I told my writing partner Laura that I wanted to do a write up on Deadpool the Musical her reaction was, “What? That can’t be real?!”. Well Laura, it’s real and it’s FABULOUS! Deadpool #49.1 is on shelves right now and it is one of the funniest recaps of a series I have ever seen in my life. Featuring the music of Naughty by Nature, Tay Zonday, The Misfits (a personal favorite) and the infamous Britney Spears, Wade goes through the happenings of issues 1 to 35 in a way only the merc with a mouth could. With Deadpool’s big “DEAD” storyline beginning with issue #50 coming out next month, this is a great jumping on point. I think everyone that has been sitting around thinking, “Hmmm… maybe I should check that series out”, now has no excuse not to. Deadpool #49.1 not only introduces this character but catches you up with an entire series in probably the funniest way I’ve ever seen. Now hit me Spidey one more time!