February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is only four days away! We at Big B have come up with a quick list of five books you should try this weekend to get you in the spirit of love!

1. Chester 5000 – If you are looking for a little spice this Valentine’s Day, check out Chester 5000, a quirky adults only webstrip about a lonely Victorian woman and her robot ‘helper’, Chester 5000. Combining love, steampunk, and sass, this is a great eighteen plus read!

2. Spider-Man/Mary Jane:… You Just Hit the Jackpot – Even non-comic readers know the great love of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. This anthology collects everything you need to read about this comic book power couple.

3. My Girlfriend is a Geek – Yuiko is everything Taiga could want in a girlfriend. She’s smart, funny, caring, and beautiful. Yuiko is also a mega geek! Taiga, a stranger to geekdom, is in for a crash course in all things nerd if he wants to win Yuiko’s heart!

4. Batman: HushHush is a who’s who of Batman’s rogues gallery, but it is also an in depth look at Batman’s love life. Catwoman isn’t the only woman Batman has ever loved, and this story is a great peak into what might be going on in Batman’s heart.

5. Habibi – Beautiful, romantic, touching, timeless. Craig Thompson’s Habibi is the epic tale of two lovers pushed together against the harsh reality of being child slaves. A true epic romance if there ever was one, Habibi is graphic story telling that truly shows what love is.