There have been many questions as to what will start the zombie apocalypse. Will it be air born disease? Maybe voodoo, radiation, or meteors from the furthest corners of space? How about Revelations 20:13. A new one to the list and now one of my new favorites is perfume. Take two under achieving cosmetic scientists add in a few test subjects looking for some quick cash and what do you get? Angry lady zombies! Follow Judith Meyers as she makes her way through this zombie apocalypse of women tearing apart anyone who gets too close to them.

Written by newcomer Jeff Roenning and drawn by Robert Love, an artist with many indie comics under his belt, Alpha Girl is my new cheesy zombie comic pick for the new year. Come in and pick it up it’s a must for any zombie fan. Pick up a copy for the low price of $2.99. Who knows, this could be the next Walking Dead!