Carnage: Family Feud TPB

They should have learned. They should have known that the symbiote can’t be controlled. They didn’t. Industrialist Michael Hall thought he could control the Carnage symbiote to make his own army. He was wrong. Now only Spider-Man and Iron Man stand between a Carnage army and the rest of New York. Spider-Man scribe Zeb Wells tells a dark and thrilling story, and Clayton Crain (X-Force) brings the story to life with his unique art that serves characters like Carnage so well.


Fatale #1

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are back with the new hit series Fatale. The masterminds behind such titles as Criminal and Sleeper are back with the new series Fatale. Starring Nicolas Lash who is tying up the loose ends of his grandfather’s lover’s daughter. After many mysterious and down right horrifying experiences, Lash realizes that this woman might be more than she appears. This is another home run from two great minds.


X-Men: Prelude to Schism TPB

Utopia. It’s supposed to be a safe haven for the last of Mutant kind, but so far it’s been anything but. After dealing with many trials that have come their way since the X-Men built their home off the coast of San Fransisco,  the X-Men are about to face their greatest foe, themselves. A great divide is coming to the world of the X-Men, and Prelude to Schism is a must read for people who need to know what is going on in the world of their favorite muties.