Excited about tomorrow’s ComiCon in Toronto? We know you are! Today we’re here to tell you about some of the exciting things you can look forward to seeing at the Big B Island of Deals this weekend!

We’re going to have a huge selection original comic art from artists like Dan DeCarlo, Wally Wood, Bill Ward, and many more! You can own your very own piece of comic art history thanks to your friends at Big B!

This year we’re bringing a large assortment of toys and action figures. Not just regular toys either, but some great stuff like the new Play Arts Joker figure and some really cool kotobukiya ice cube trays!

It wouldn’t be a Big B booth without our amazing selection of back issue comic books! That’s right, all the amazing back issues from in store will be at the convention and you know how we love to haggle!

Don’t miss the Big B Island of Deals while you’re at the ComiCon this weekend! We hope to see you there!