Captain Marvel in her new costume

WonderCon just wrapped up and some big comic book news was announced to the masses. One of the biggest items of note from Marvel was about the upcoming Captain Marvel series. While the series was announced a little while back, most assumed that Mar-Vell was back from the dead. Let’s be honest, most superheroes don’t stay dead long. It turns out we were wrong, and that Captain Marvel will be staring the former Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers.

While pretty, her old costume wasn't that practical

This is pretty exciting news folks! While Carol is not the first woman Captain Marvel, it is significant that Marvel has realized that maybe she deserves a little more respect than ‘Ms.’ Added to this fact is her new costume, which actually looks practical for someone who is fighting criminals, aliens, supervillains and the like. She’s fully covered and looks ready to take on the universe.

Marvel readers may have noticed that the number of female fronted titles from Marvel has shrunk significantly since Secret Invasion. With the cancellation of Ghost Rider and X-23, the only women in Marvel Comics have been seen on teams like the Avengers and X-Men. Hopefully this new Captain Marvel will prove to Marvel that women characters deserve their own series just as their male counterparts!