Okay I’m glad we can all take a break from the awesomeness that is AVX and turn our sights towards something just as awesome. Chess. The game of kings! and the new Batman chess set is kingly indeed!

Each piece is being released separately every two weeks over the next year. Hand painted and made of metallic resin, this chess set will be worth the wait and the price. Even if you make this a show piece and not for actual playing.

The first four figures that will be out are 1) Batman (white king) 2) Robin (white bishop) 3) Joker (Black King) and 4) Penguin (Black Knight). Batman is already out and is selling fast. But have no fear if you have missed your first figure, there will be variant combo packs coming up. the first set that will be available this summer are Batman and the Joker both in variant poses and paint.

So don’t delay come in and check these guys out! subscribe and never miss a piece of the action!