Avengers. X-Men. Heroes. Mutants. The battle you’ve been waiting for is here! While the event doesn’t really kick off until next week’s launch party, Avengers vs. X-Men #0, a prelude to the huge event, came out on Wednesday.

This is a two part issue, with the first half of the comic focused on the return of the Scarlet Witch. While many of her old friends are happy to see her, one particular Avenger has some choice words for Wanda that she’s just not ready to hear.

The second half of the book follows Hope as she rebels against Cyclops, fighting crime and taking huge risks. He’s trying to protect the girl he sees as the Mutant Messiah, but she’s sick of hiding.

If you haven’t been following Avengers or X-Men lately, be sure to grab issue zero of Avengers vs. X-Men to make sure you’re up to speed for the upcoming event. Don’t get left behind, pick up your copy for $3.99!