Years ago my cousin was married in Mexico. Later back home in Canada she had a reception party and everyone who couldn’t make the trip was invited. My mother was asked to give a speech to retell the entire trip to everyone. From the zip-lines, to the pool bars, to the wedding on the beach. She was worried though that her story might get slow or boring. I gave her a piece of advice that has served me for years when trying to make a story better. NINJAS. It doesn’t matter what story you’re telling, if you throw in a couple of dozen ninjas it will instantly get better. Which is exactly the case with Avenging Spider-Man #6 (The first part of The Omega Effect). It could have been a boring story about Frank Castle and his new side-kick saying “Hello” to Matt Murdock and sharing a drink. But instead there are explosions and AWESOMNESS featuring the ninjas from The Hand and Spider-Man (Since it is his comic).

Daredevil has come across an Omega Drive (A piece of Fantastic Four equipment) and on this data drive is information on every single mega crime team on the planet (See Daredevil #10.1 for information). The Punisher wants that information so he can do what he does best and Spider-Man is going to tag along to!

So check out Avenging Spider-Man #6, Punisher #10 and Daredevil #11 for some awesome team-up ninja butt kicking action!