“A Larger World” wrapped up last month with issue #96 of The Walking Dead. That story will be out in graphic novel as Walking Dead vol. 16 in June, but now is the perfect time to snatch up issue #97, part one of the new exciting arc “Something to Fear”

Rick and his gang of survivors have struck up a deal with those in communities surrounding their own. Desperately needing food and supplies, Rick offers the other communities the only commodity he has, protection. Rick, Andrea, Michonne and the gang will get enough food to eat in exchange for keeping the other communities safe from walkers and living threats alike.

Of course, in the world of The Walking Dead, things are never that simple. The Cult of Negan is the first threat that needs to be dealt with, and they won’t surrender easily.

When book sixteen of The Walking Dead comes out next month readers will looking forward to the next chapter, but that graphic novel wont be out until at least December! So make sure you pick up issue #97, the start of what looks to be the deadliest, most gripping Walking Dead story yet!