Sure he isn’t an acrobat, an undead anit-hero or a Batman fan boi! But Damian Wayne is my absolute favorite Robin! And if you haven’t been giving the new Batman and Robin series a chance…  FOR SHAME! This kid already has a number of trades under his belt with the Pre-52 Batman and Robin series, done by Grant Morrison.

Where he really stands out for me is his attitude problem. Everyone has their own memories of the classic Robins who were all “Right Away Batman!” or “Holy Smokes Batman! That Building is on fire!” Real peppy and and happy and let’s face it… LAME! and that’s why I think that most of us haven’t given Damian his fair shake! Damian is quiet and calculating and a trained killer. That’s right, Batman’s son was trained by the League of Assassins. Not only trained but utilized in many assassinations. Even though Batman is trying his best to bring his son back to society, by holding back Damian’s instinct to kill he doesn’t always succeed  (see Batman and Robin #7).

Without to many spoilers I would like to present a retelling of my favorite Damian as Robin moment that just happened in Batman and Robin #9 (on shelves now). A Talon who is trying to assassinate a General is lurching towards his victim after a heated battle with not only Robin but a number of soldiers. When all of a sudden a Robin shaped grappling hook is shot through the back of his head and out his eye socket! Damian, who made the expert shot, then proceeds to pull on the rope and then hangs the talon from a tree. Now if you think Dick Grayson could be anywhere near that B.A. you need to show me that story line because I haven’t seen it!

The Robins without a doubt have all had a bad rep of being the Boy Punching bag. Always getting into trouble because their lack of skill or luck. But I think Damian might be able bring a killer edge to these gentle birds. And might be able to aspire to more than just a leader of teens, a gun toting zombie or still just an acrobat with sticks.