If you read the Big B Informer two weeks ago you found out what a fan I am of Damian. Well luckily for me Damian is in the awesome reboot of Batman Incorporated! Which for me was enough, but if it wasn’t for you, then let me drop some science on ya!

In this first issue of Batman Incorporated we are introduced to a few characters. Namely Goatboy, Leviathan, and Bat-Cow! According to Goatboy, Gotham means “Home of Goats” and he’s also a fan of Bill Hicks, (youtube him kids) so when picking his super-assassin name he went with Goatboy! Goatboy has a lead on a sweet payday. A cool $500,000,000 for the person who takes down the boy-wonder, and he’s looking to collect.

If you were a fan of the old Batman Inc. then you should already be reading this. If you’re not and you need one more push then how about this; it’s written by Grant Morrison, people! (New X-Men, Animal Man, Batman & Son) We know his name for a reason! So go forth and read this next slice of awesome coming out of Gotham that has nothing to do with owls.

Other suggested readings for Morrison’s Batman awesomness include Batman and SonThe Black Glove, Batman R.I.P., The Return of Bruce Wayneand Final Crisis.