This week’s review comes from Jeff, spouse of Big B Hamilton’s Nicole.

After reading Mr. Terrific’s new trade I have to ask myself why this book was not pushed more by DC.  When I saw the early solicits and saw that Mr. Terrific was the only JSA’er to get a book in the New 52 I was a little shocked. He would not have been one of my first choices, but it intrigued me.

After reading the run in trade format, which I recommend, some questions come to mind. Would this book have benefited from an early crossover with a stronger selling book? Should Mr. Terrific have been a member of a team first and then gotten his own book? And if the world has seven billion people in it does it really matter that you identify yourself as the “Third Smartest Man”? And my final question was, did DC have an inkling that this was not going to be their strongest selling book for the New 52 and therefore put it into play to help launch Earth 2 and World’s Finest?

My feeling is yes, this book (along with several others) was key in setting up other books which is why it’s worth a read. Mister Terrific is the head of a high-tech corporation and an institute that recruits and encourages the finest minds of the next generation. There was a solid plot with an interesting supporting cast. I was hoping for more of a James Bond feel, a T-Sphere for any occasion if you will, testing his mind and Olympic athletic prowess against Ne’er-do-wells. What I got was even more of a reason to add Earth 2 and World’s Finest to my pull list. If you are currently enjoying either of those, check out the leadup here.

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