When you read this book you really get the feeling that it’s a labor of love for DiDio and Giffen. The idea of O.M.A.C. is not a new one, it is held with a certain sense of reverence in the DC history (as it should be after all it’s a Jack Kirby conception). DC has attempted to reimage the OMAC concept several times since its reemergence around Infinite Crisis, and this book is its strongest outing yet.

This book carries all the corner stones of its rich history, Brother Eye satellite that transforms DC’s latest attempt at a culture melting pot with Kevin Kho Cambodian American. But also hits on previous runs with the OMAC saga, they blend in parts of the original run, the talking animals from Kamandi’s mythos, Maxwell Lord (a Keith Giffen favorite villain), while tossing in a crossover with Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. for flavor.

Keith Giffens art is an outstanding homage to Jack Kirbys style. You can see both Dan DiDio and Keith Giffens love of the comics of yester-year bleeding through in this book. So if you are new to comics this book will probably be lost on you, but if you have been reading comics for awhile and are a “smart fan” then this book is chalked full of Easter eggs, even being down to the sheriff of Wayne Police being a self portrait of one of this books creators, read the book and check out the CONS to see if I am right.