Another review from Big B spouse, Jeff Moggach:

Don’t Be a Stranger to this title!

I am a BIG FAN of DC Comics, it hasn’t always been that way but it is now. I have known of the Phantom Stranger for a long time and like many people was not really sure what his origin was but loved to guess and hypothesize. DC’s latest outing for the character in Phantom Stranger #0 takes some of that mystery away, and yet holds to the core of what makes the character so interesting. Using thePhantom Stranger in the role of the narrator, he is shown to be aware of the happenings on Earth, and beyond; but unable to interfere no matter how dire the danger. They have always teased that this character means more to the DC universe then most people are aware and they are definitely staying true to that. In the past few years DC has found a way to creep him into major events, such as: Kevin Smith’s re-launch of Green Arrow (he prevented Hal Jordan from uniting the resurrected body of Oliver Queen with his soul in Heave); in The Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special (he works with mystics of the DCU to re-form the Rock of Eternity and help defeat the maddened Spectre): in One Year Later re-launch (he was in the famililor role of narrator for Shadowpacts adventures); and of course in Blackest Night #2 (Black Hand comments to Phantom Stranger that he is neither dead nor alive, hence he cannot be killed, resurrected or raised as a Black Lantern).

Reading this book will spark the debate if religion belongs in comics, and the answer is up to you. But what this book offers is a clever hook on a longstanding shadowy figure in the DCU, and shows that there is more to the “Trinity of Sin”. This book is about flaws, betrayal, penance, and redemption, with a hook that would have killed in a movie or TV show. It’s rare that a book blows my hair back the way this one did, that feeling usually comes from trades. This book is the corner stone of the New 52, and if you’re not reading it you should and it’s going to need support to find a home, or at least a gamble on people buying it, but trust me it’s no gamble.