Dancer is the story of Alan Fisher, an aging CIA assassin, and his much younger ballerina girlfriend, Quinn. There’s a twist early on in the book that to reveal would spoil much of the fun, but suffice it to say that Quinn ends up in the hands of a very personal enemy from Alan’s past, and Alan gives chase across snowy European cityscapes to save her, from Milan to Berne to Dresden.

The story and setting of Dancer are timeless. Only a brief mention of cell phone use (and possibly the architecture of a very real location central to the plot) place the story in contemporary times. Otherwise, the costumes worn and tools used wouldn’t look out of place today or 30 years ago.

Dancer is almost perfect in its beauty and simplicity. I only wish the spark between Alan and Quinn were more pronounced. A single scene could have made it more clear that they were worth the trouble to one another. That and Alan’s seemingly superhuman endurance goes unaddressed. Or maybe it doesn’t. I’ll let you decide.

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