With the new year comes new books and here’s a look at three series we recommend you check out in the new year!

Mara by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle
From acclaimed writer Brian Wood comes the brand new story Mara.  This book tells the tale of Mara Prince who is an internationally renowned volleyball superstar in a futuristic world fixated with sports and war.  Mara began training at the age of 2 when she tested off the charts for her naturally ability at the sport.  The world become infatuated with her and watched her career blossom into super star status.
During an exhibition match watched by billions, she manifested super powers on the court and now the world has a brand new reason to be obsessed with young Mara Prince.
Brian Wood of NorthlandersDMZDemo, and The Massive fame cranks out another winning script.  The art by Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire is sharp and has great eye appeal.   I really like the direction this book is going and I highly recommend checking it out.
Start off with Mara #1 for only $2.99 and Big B Comics.

Lot 13 by Steve Niles and Glenn Fabry
The horror genre is so popular right now and there are a lot of great comic options out there to scratch that evil itch. Today I’m focusing on one of the best, DC’s Lot 13. Only on issue number two and it’s already given me the heebie geebies and left me wanting more.
This story by Steve Niles is about a family moving to a bigger better house and a new life but when they find their house tented by an exterminator they are forced to spend the night at an old hotel. Well of course its haunted and full of creepy people/corpse/ghosts and they all look wonderfully scary thanks to the art styling’s of Glen Farby.
There are side stories that follow the inhabitants of the hotel which hopefully will give us all their backgrounds and horrible ways these ghouls passed on.  So far so good Lot 13! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next issue, available soon for $2.99 at your local Big B. How can they make it so good and sell it so cheap?

Multiple Warheads by Brandon Graham
For those out there looking for something with a flare of impossibility and bizarre, look no farther than Multiple Warheads, a new miniseries by Brandon Graham.
We follow a young couple on a strange adventure through a crazy world that mixes Dr Seuss with some serious dystopian future landscapes. Sexica and her werewolf boyfriend Nikoli set out across their weird world after their home is destroyed by a falling spaceship. They take this as a sign to leave town and try something new that may or may not include harvesting organs, singing cigarettes, and water that boils you from the inside out.
Multiple Warheads is a head trip in the truest sense of the word. Completely unpredictable and a unique art style you wont find anywhere else bring out a fun story that will definitely take you to strange places.
The first issue is only $3.99 and has absolutely no advertisements in it at all!