It’s that time again, our annual Free Comic Book Day costume contest!

We had more entries than ever before (and some minor technical difficulties) so it took us a little longer than expected to get going. We appreciate how patient everyone has been.

We split the costume contest in two this year, the main contest and the “junior” contest. Since we didn’t collect ages (lesson learned) we had to eyeball the entries, so we are very sorry if you feel an entry is in the wrong contest. All we can do is promise to do better next year.

After you vote make sure you click on the “Next Page” button to go through and vote for everyone.

Voting will close Wednesday May 18th at 10pm EST, and round 2 will begin Thursday morning at 10am.

We’ll begin the main costume contest on the day the last round of the junior contest ends.

So lets get to it…

Round 1 is now closed, come back tomorrow morning at 10am for Round 2!