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FCBD Junior Costume Contest 2016: Round 2

Welcome to Round 2!

We’re down to a more manageable 8 groups in this round, so clicking through the pages will be a lot easier.

Voting will close tonight at 10pm and Round 3 will start tomorrow morning at 10am.

Good luck to all of our great contestants!


  1. Ben Reilly says:

    Thor has 28 votes at 10:30? Voting started at 10. Wow

    • Amanda says:

      Thor has a big sister in high school, and a grandma and aunt that volunteer with a pretty large organization. And many people have cell phones, making it easy to vote.

      • Ben Reilly says:

        Makes sense. Still the votes in our group are more than all the other groups combined. Seems a bit off. Hopefully Big B is tracking IPs to avoid cheating.

        • Nicole says:

          We are keeping an eye on things. The same IP address is allowed (otherwise it can block multiple people at the same location). However it also tracks the device, if people are just clearing their cookies to vote again and again those votes will void each other out after the poll has closed.

  2. Squish says:

    Thor reminds me of the movie Adventures in Babysitting, the little girl in that movie is dressed like him.

  3. Erica Forrest says:

    How many rounds are there?

  4. Darth Slolee says:

    Impressive… most impressive…

  5. Dark vader says:

    Stormtrooper has some friends in Galaxy’s FAR FAR away

  6. Dana says:

    when will this round end

  7. Slam says:

    Roller Derby sisters come together from across Canada to get this little Trooper on to the next Round!

  8. Disappointed says:

    Pretty depressing that people are cheating on a children’s contest. How does some one get over 500 votes in just a couple hours? Also I was checking every 10min or so and there would be 60 new votes every time. I hope you are proud of yourself for cheating in a kids contest.

    • Elle says:

      I think it is super unfair to assume someone is cheating just because they may happen to have a far reach across the internet and social media–not to mention the costumes are pretty amazing!

      Shame on you for assuming the worst in people and pointing fingers–sour grapes.

    • Why so serious? says:

      Regardless, the winner was going to be based on popularity of the child, friends, and family. Not the merit of the costume. So I don’t see how it matters.

    • Lineage says:

      Let me just point out that YES people have friends and such on social media. It sounds like you are upset that your child/relative/friends child is not being considered. Now may I, as an experienced costume builder/cosplayer, point out that the little trooper you are obviously refering too, is a home made cosplay? This child’s stormtrooper costume is on the mark (which is ironic, as we all know their aim 😉 ), and rivals some members of the 501st legion. Please, as a parent of a child myself, I emplore you show a gracious face, as young ones are watching as well, and nothing pisses off most citizens more than a false sense of entitlement. It is a childrens contest, and the way you react tells kids how they shall react.

      • Why so serious? says:

        Wait, are you referring to ME??? I’m fine with this. Re-read. My point is just that none of it matters and none of it is based on people happening upon this page and making an objective decision. 99% of people who arrive on this page came to support a friend, not to judge 4 children’s costumes. No reason to get all bent out of shape. I voted or the Stormtrooper, by the way. That’s why I’m here.

      • Teal says:

        Dont think she means the trooper. Trooper and Thor have been neck and neck all day. Superman shot up from 14 to 700+ in the space of an hour. Social media is one thing. I’ve seen the trooper posted by 501st members but 14 to 700 is something else

  9. Teal says:

    Dont think she means the trooper. Trooper and Thor have been neck and neck all day. Superman shot up from 14 to 700+ in the space of an hour. Social media is one thing. I’ve seen the trooper posted by 501st members but 14 to 700 is something else.

  10. Disappointed says:

    Teal is right, I am not talking about the Storm Trooper or trying to be sore loser. It may very well be a coincidence but when someone starts gets over 500 votes in just an hour and 50 votes in 5-10 min it seems off.

    I hope someone would not cheat in a children’s contest.

  11. Erica Ayla says:

    Good luck everyone! My son is Pikachu 🙂 not sure if he made it but regardless everyone’s costumes looked amazing. Hope the kiddies all had fun doing it!

  12. Amanda says:

    The thing is you don’t know who is cheating, the parents could have good intentions but other people the post has been shared with might be stacking the votes. Big B should take this as a lesson and try and find a more fair way for next year/round. I’d have personally narrowed down the contestants by store on the facebook pages using “likes” and then put the top from each store against each other, it also cuts down on people having to repeatedly vote, 4 rounds is an awful lot.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree with the 4 rounds being an awful lot. I had no idea. I don’t mind a bit of advertising for Big B, but now I feel after posting to facebook twice, asking my friends to participate and sharing in 3 private groups i am involved with; a third time is just being a pest.

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