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Adventure Time Volume 3

ADVENTURE_TIME_TP_VOL_03If you haven’t been reading Adventure Time, you have been MISSING OUT.

It’s okay though, because the third collected volume just hit shelves! Written by Ryan North, this all-ages comic likes to push the boundaries of what we’re used to. For starters, the first issue in this volume is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure comic. The reader makes choices and follows the arrows to the specified panels to create their own version of the story! This one is heck-of meta as well, since the story revolves around Finn and Jake losing their free will.

The rest of the volume is comprised of a story line where our little video game buddy BMO is hacked by a corrupt game! Finn, Jake, and Marceline have to go inside the video game to save the robots of Ooo from the infectious software. There are a lot of pages done in a really neat 8-bit art style for this story. Because they’re in a video game, see?

So definitely check out Adventure Time Vol. 3, and hey, why not grab the first two volumes while you’re at it! All three are $14.99 at Big B Comics!

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