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Star Wars Ramblings (Episode 7 and Beyond!)


It’s been roughly three months since The Force Awakens opened in theaters. There’s a good chance you saw it more than once (alas here’s your spoiler warning just in case), and rightfully so. The team that worked on it did a stellar job. However there’s a weird Twilight Zone-type universe where I worked on it, and here’s what I would do differently, and how the story would progress beyond Episode … Read More →

Game of Thrones Predictions


I thought it would be fun to throw my hat into the ring regarding Game of Thrones predictions after many in-depth conversations with fabulous customers over the past little while. Season five just ended, and I was curious if I’m on the money, or if anyone else out there had any better ideas…I’ll reckon you do. Keeping this article somewhat organized without jumping all over the place is going to … Read More →

Archie vs. Predator


The writing in this first issue is much more Archie than Predator. The Gee-Whiz catchphrases and silly plot devices are happily intact, except with a blood-thirsty space hunter waiting in the wings. It really is an Archie comic through and through, which makes the inclusion of the Predator that much more entertaining in a perverse “I’m feeding my pet boa constrictor, wanna come over and watch it eat a live rat?” sort of way…but instead of a rat, it’s Mr. Weatherbee. You get the idea. Read More →

Kaptara (spoiler free) Preview


First, it should be no surprise that this creative team is a home run. Kagan McLeod’s art will most likely be familiar to you from Infinite Kung Fu, and having it applied to a science fiction adventure is pretty rad. I think McLeod’s illustration style really harnesses what is being put forth here, fantastical beasts, lands and characters – all drawn in a way the eye can easily get lost in. Secondly, Chip Zdarsky’s writing shouldn’t need an introduction. You’ve all read Howard the Duck…RIGHT? Read More →

Mr. Holmes


Sir Ian McKellan plays an older version of everyone’s favorite detective (well mine at least, sorry batman) living out his twilight years in Sussex tending to his bees and recounting his exciting life. Read More →

Twin Peaks Season 3 Wish List (spoilers)


Did David Lynch plan the return of Twin Peaks 25 years ago? Did he just roll the dice and hope it would happen, or was it just some creepy stuff to put in a script? I’m sure there’s an answer out there, but much like Laura Palmer’s death some things are better left a mystery. Read More →

Crossed +100 (spoilers)


Now, I’m not a huge fan of the Crossed series. Sure I liked the first trade, but after that it just kinda got samey-samey for me. When I heard Alan Moore was going to do a Crossed series set 100 years in the future, I couldn’t help but be excited. Read More →

Ian’s Show n’ Tell Bookshelf v3

microwave cooking for one dr heckle funny wtf cook books

This time around I thought having a gander at some art books would be in order. I have a difficult time passing by these in store without at least flipping through each and every one. Like a squirrel preparing for winter, I hoard them…for what purpose, no one knows. Read More →

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