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Fire and Stone Review Pt. 1: Aliens


The idea of large franchises and cinematic universes is hardly new. James Bond films have enough continuous elements to consider them a lose association of sequels. Godzilla is probably a better example – as far back as 1954, a string of films following Godzilla and fellow Tokyo-crushing monsters have been so prevalent as to be almost ubiquitous. Read More →

Comic Book Love Stories


In the 1960s, Charlton Comics published a number of monthly “True-to-Life Stories of Romance!” including Teen Confessions, Love Diary, Teen-Age Love and Career Girl Romances. I promise I didn’t make that last one up. These are the sort of comics you’ll find on the shelf at your great-aunt’s cottage, likely where they have been sitting since September of 1963, left behind when some distant relation returned from one last labour day weekend cottage trip. Read More →

Avengers Assemble … For a Fun One-Off Story


A couple years ago, Brian Michael Bendis wrote just such a comic. Avengers Assemble (not to be confused with cartoon of the same name) is a blatant and unapologetic effort to draw fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the comics, but that works to its credit. Avengers Assemble is a perfect example of how to take material an audience is familiar with and ease them into the comic book universe. Read More →

A Quick Guardians of the Galaxy Review


The last thing Guardians of the Galaxy needs in another glowing review. It has only been out a week, and it is already a fan darling. If you haven’t seen it yet, quit reading this article and go! In the first place, it is a great movie, and in the second place, if you keep reading, I’m totally going to ruin it for you. Read More →

Top Five Star Wars Starters – 3. Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison


We’re doing a top five list of Star Wars comics here at Big B! Rather than just listing five great Star Wars graphic novels, we are looking at five of the best entry points to the world of Star Wars comics for the completely uninitiated. Be sure to check out our reviews the first two titles on this list, Empire Volume 2: Darklighter here and Tales Volume 6 here. 3. … Read More →

Top Five Star Wars Starters – 5. Empire Volume 2: Darklighter


Early in January we received the news that wasn’t really news at all: the Star Wars comic book license is going to revert to Marvel in 2015. Although everybody expected this to happen (many of us were scratching our heads asking ‘what took so long?’), the official word really put things into perspective. All of a sudden, we need to come to terms with the realities of the announcement. On … Read More →

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