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Black Ops 3 Reveal!

Does any of this hype work? Well, I can’t help but feel that I’m catching yet another ticket on a Call of Duty hype train. Or, “mistakes were made” and I’ve been smacked by it and I might as well hang on for the ride. Read More →

Destiny: A Fun Game, but Will It Last?


Destiny is out and I’ve either played or watched just about all of it at this point. It’s pretty good and fun to play, especially if you have a dedicated group of friends to level with and do those strikes and raids and/or dominate the crucible with. But will it last? Read More →

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1


What can I say? I’m a big Loki fan. Tom Hiddleston’s character from Thor and The Avengers brought the classic Norse trickster to life, containing both the whimsical aspect of a Jack Sparrow, blended with a sinister edge that reminded me of the Joker, but all the while containing that subtle hint of remorse that allowed us to empathize with him. Read More →

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