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Deadly Class #1


He tackles poverty, mental health and the politics of 80s America tactfully and realistically and makes it seem seamless and effortless in the way he weaves it into the action-crime aspect of the book. Read More →

Fit For A King!

If you don’t quite have the $100+ to fork over for a statue but still want to show off your love of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world, come scoop up one of these statues Read More →

Spider-Man Blue


Not content with having only one of Batman’s greatest stories under their belt with The Long Halloween, the fantastic duo of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale went on to publish one of Spider-Man’s best mini-series as well, Spider-Man Blue. Read More →

Image Firsts


You know the feeling. There’s that series that’s at issue 20-something and it looks kinda cool but you just don’t want to commit to a $15 graphic novel , and the first single issue is impossible to track down… Read More →

Upcoming New Series


Image comics pumps out tons of unique, cool series so you’ll have more chances to pick up that ever-valuable first issue of an unexpected hit. Here’s some cool ones coming out in the next few months Read More →

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