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Money For Nothin’


I’ve seen the future…and it’s expensive. There was internet rage recently surrounding a topic that I was actually getting a little burned up about myself; that of comic creators charging for autographs at conventions.  I have to say, regardless of how any of us feel about it, this is going to be the future. I will apologize upfront right now, because I will be calling out some creators in this … Read More →

Grumpy Old Fan


I can feel it. I’m turning into one – a “Grumpy Old Fan”. I’m saying things like, “That’s not MY Superman!” and “What are Marvel and DC doing?” I look at upcoming solicitations and come up with fewer and fewer titles to add to my Pull List. Characters that I used to admire and adore don’t relate to me anymore. This is it. I’m getting old. The world has moved … Read More →



With all the positive vibes surrounding the new Netflix Daredevil series it looks like things are finally starting to look up for Matt Murdock. But Murdock’s life usually doesn’t stay rosy for long. In fact, he normally suffers terrible loss shortly after he starts to feel good about his life. So this is me, raining on his parade, just to make sure he doesn’t get too comfortable with his new-found fame. Read More →

Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows


One of the most recent Secret Wars mini-series announced was The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. Written by Super Spider-Scribe Dan Slott and with art by Adam Kubert, the series teases the return of a married Peter Parker with child that I think everyone will believe is Mayday Parker (AKA Spider-Girl), the retconned baby from back in the Clone Saga of the 1990s. Read More →

Notes 4 Newbies – Part VI: The Event


Today, I’m going to focus on “The Event.” A word that’s thrown around quite a bit in the comic book medium but it is something that is still relatively new and becoming more and more prevalent. You may have noticed a lot of advertising recently about Secret Wars from Marvel Comics and Convergence from DC Comics. Read More →

ODY-C #1


ODY-C is the retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey as a grand science-fiction space adventure with the main characters gender-swapped. Iconic characters like Odysseus, Zeus and Poseidon are now female. The massive ships that sailed the terrible seas are now space ships operated by harmony. This book expands your mind and senses to extreme levels! Read More →

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