BattlepugIf you are in the mood for a super fun, comedic adventure, if you love animals, or if you are simply looking for something unique to read, pick up a copy of Mike Norton’s BattlePug, now in hardcover. With characters that pay homage to Red Sonja and Conan as well as random giant slobbery creatures, BattlePug is a funny, laugh-out-loud story for readers of all ages.

The story is narrated by a woman named Moll who is telling her dogs Colfax and Mingo the legend of a warrior and his Battlepug, a super-sized, snorting canine. As a young boy our warrior was separated from his family and captured and enslaved by evil elves. Eventually he earns his freedom and sets forth alone, looking for revenge. Instead he finds a giant, pug-like creature! Together the warrior and his wrinkly friend navigate a dangerous landscape filled with all sorts of unpleasant creatures, including giant seals, frogs, and gopher monsters.

The art is bright and colorful, the writing is hilariously well-crafted, and the characters are tough and lovable at the same time. Battlepug reminds us just how fun and funny comics can be! You can get your copy for only $14.99 at Big B Comics!